With winter idly approaching, what you do in your yard during the mellow, fall weather prepares your garden for success in the spring! Here are four of the best, basic tasks that you need to complete before the first frost hits to ensure that your personal oasis will be awaiting you when it comes time for the flowers to bloom.

1. Dethatch that grass!
As thatch is a cumulative layer of bits of dead grass and organic matter that separates the soil and the green grass, de-thatching is the important process of removing this matter before it becomes a problem. Although some thatch in moderation is not necessarily a bad thing, it can eventually become harmful to your lawn as it makes it more difficult for the roots to grab on to the fresh soil. Convex and power rakes may be used in the dethatching process, and can often be rented from your nearest hardware store. It is best to do this work in cooler weather and when the soil is mildly moist, which makes Fall the perfect time!

de thatch

2. Give your lawn the nutrients it needs.
Fertilizing your lawn in the fall is the perfect opportunity to take some proactive steps in your landscaping care. Taking care of your grass in the cool seasons keeps it growing longer and healthier, making it a lot easier for your lawn to have the nutrients that it needs to liven up again in the spring time. Fertilizing your grass now means effortless revival once the snow melts.



3. Prune, prune, prune.
Fall is one of the best times to correct some of those overgrown bushes. Once the leaves and blooms have fallen off, you can see much more clearly just where either the mistakes of the last pruning sessions were made, or simply where more attention needs to be. In addition, removing dead or broken branches with infections not only allows for a more aesthetically pleasing aspect to your yard, but leads to a healthier plant in the spring with no further rot or disease.

At Landscape Away we see a lot of backyards and one thing that dates a home, no matter what you have done to update the inside, is dated landscaping.  Recently a client asked us to remove the 90’s style landscape ties to update the look of their worn out staircase to match the rest of their renovations.  It was a pretty straight forward job, removing the old landscape ties that screamed 1990’s, replacing them with updated square ties that fit much better and create a cleaner look.




We cleaned and re-used some of the existing concrete stone and re-surfaced the steps with sand and a level.  We took the opportunity to re-compact the staircase as preventative maintenance and to ensure a strong finished product. What a difference the staircase has made to their back yard!  No longer a dated eyesore, the new staircase will last for years to come.  A job like this took half a day with our crew and was well worth the time and effort.





It’s always a good time to start thinking about updating the landscaping at your home.

Give us a call and see how we can help bring your landscaping from the 90’s to the present day!

If you have a rental property the idea of landscaping has probably crossed your mind at some point. You may have thought about doing the work yourself but become overwhelmed at the idea of taking on the extra work project. Or maybe you have multiple properties and this is just not an option for you. This is where a landscaping company comes in and the many reasons as to why you should hire one for your rental property.




Time Management –

When hiring a landscaping company it ensures that your property is kept up and is always looking the best that it can. It can be a lot of work to maintain a garden, especially if your rental property comes with a lot of land. You may not have the time to maintain the property and your renter’s may not be willing to take the time to do it right either. Lets be honest here, in most cases renters won’t take as good of care as a home owner, and we all know what happens to our west coast foliage left un-attended. A landscaping company takes this pressure away from you.



Preventative Maintenance –

Not only saving you time but money.  As a tenant may not take the same care as a homeowner would, often things get left un-done or unattended to.  Over grown or rotting foliage can promote an issue with pests.  Falling leaves can clog water ways and gutters that have the potential to back up on the home owner and cause damage. A landscape company would be able to alert you to these potential issues before they become a costly repair.  Especially important if you are managing properties out of town.




Happy Neighbours –

Having a well maintained garden and yard also helps to keep your neighbours happy too. No one likes to live next to a property that is not maintained to same standard as theirs, so if your property isn’t well taken care of your neighbours may start to complain. With your landscaping company maintaining the property this will help to prevent your neighbours from becoming unhappy.


Happy Neighbors


Security –

Security is a BIG positive to hiring a landscaping company. It will allow you to have an extra set of eyes on your property. This can help to make sure that your property is still in top shape whether your property is currently vacant or has renters living in it. With busy schedules it can be tough to find the time to check up on your property and that’s where a landscaping company can benefit you. An extra set of eyes to notify you of anything that might be suspect happening in your rental property can ultimately save you a lot of grief.  Acting as a deterrent to those renters that have less than good intentions with your property, sometimes by just letting potential renters know that landscapers will be on site weekly, will filter out un-desireable tenants.




Having a great looking yard can also help to increase the amount of your rent. You can work the costs of your landscaping into the rent as most renters will be willing to pay more to live in a good looking property over a run down looking one.

Hiring a landscaping company has many benefits and these are just a few of them. Paying that little bit extra a month to have your property maintained by professionals can only benefit you and your rental property in the long run.

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