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540 (Medium) When it comes to security most people turn their attention to alarm systems to deter criminals but landscaping also provides a lot of options for home security. A well placed plant, a good viewpoint and some strategically placed bushes can help keep criminals out of your yard and in turn out of your home. Landscaping is where we can help you to burglar-proof your home! Tall trees are great for shade however these can help burglars to reach upper stories where you may be more likely to leave your windows open or unlocked. When planting trees you want to make sure they are far enough away from your home so that they don’t provide easy access to your windows! Another great reason to keep trees away from your home is that it can prevent the tree from uprooting your foundation as it grows. A good thing to watch out for is placing shrubs/bushes near doors, this can provide a lurking area for burglars. Keep shrubs in this area short or place smaller plants there instead. This is especially important for back doors, as this is usually the first place that thieves will look to enter your home. By keeping your entry ways clear this helps to prevent thieves from finding an easy hiding spot, without one of those they will most likely continue searching for an easier target. Another great landscaping tip is to place rocks and stones strategically throughout your yard, for tips on this check out Better Homes & Gardens! A good way to ward off intruders is to plant roses under a window. The thorns on the roses can prevent intruders from trying to pry open a window or climb in. However make sure to not overcrowd your window, you want to have a good vantage point to look out into your yard. This allows you to see everything that’s going on in front or back of your home. There are some good tips ways to prevent crime through environmental design here on the RCMP website.


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