I Hate Mowing The Lawn!

” I Hate Mowing The Lawn” is the number one reason why we get the phone call. Landscape Away hears this common complaint so often. We all love beautiful lush lawns to lounge in and relax after work or on weekends, but when it comes to maintaining it most of our clients would prefer not. We don’t blame you. It’s hard work and there is a certain level of expertise required to get it right. Not to mention all the equipment you need to maintain that yard; lawn mower, rake, weed eater, fertilizer, lawn seed, edger, broadcast spreader, and if your OCD you would probably invest in an aerator and a sprinkler system. Tired yet? Not to mention the relentless trips to the local hardware store to talk to the experts about your lawn and educate yourself on what those brown spots in the backyard are from?


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So we at Landscape Away understand that “I hate mowing the lawn” really means I have better things to do with my time and should just leave this in the hands of a local expert. From the perspective of the home owner it makes sense to hire a local professional. Speaking monitarily the cost of equipment and supplies (not to mention your time) runs you about the same as if you give a professional landscaper like us a call. We have professional equipment and the knowledge to get the job done quick and right, giving your yard the care it needs to thrive. Time wise, the last thing you want to do after a long week at work is spend your Saturday mowing, weeding, composting, sweeping, pruning and more. Even someone who enjoys working outside in their yard can quickly become overwhelmed during those peak growing months. Leave that lawn a few days too long and you know what happens. You end up mowing it twice or you try to mow it once and get clumps that didn’t mow properly because they just laid down on your lawn and missed the blades.




At Landscape Away we build packages for the “I hate mowing my lawn” client specifically. Locally we had a client that was going to sell his house and move into a town home to avoid the maintenance. We sat down with him and showed him how to enjoy detached home ownership and incorporate one of our packages into his budget in a way that made sense. No longer using his lawn mower and weed eater he saved money by not purchasing lawn seed, fertilizer and other supplies. His yard is maintained in a way that doesn’t end up costing  him more money. A little yard maintenance can go a long way in saving money in the long run. A tree that is over grown can cause a lot of damage if not maintained. Expert eyes know when a tree is potentially going to cause damage in a wind storm with weak limbs or even worse a week root system that could allow the tree to come over entirely. We remove these hazards before they become a costly fix.


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So if you have the “I hate mowing the lawn” mindset, you may want to talk to us about how we can make your life easier and a little funner on the weekends. Enjoying your backyard in the summer months is so much better when your not the one doing all the work. Give us a call for a quote and we can create a plan that sets you free this summer to spend Saturday your way and not tied to the backyard other than in a lounge chair enjoying the sunshine.


If your that home owner that aspires to be the envy of the neighborhood with a beautiful lush green lawn through out the summer months, it is time to get busy! Spring is the time we prepare lawns for the hot months ahead and create lush green lawns for all to admire.

Grass helps keep the earth cool. It’s mother nature’s way of protecting herself against the heat of summer months. It keeps important ground dwelling creatures safe below the roots and here on the west coast where grass grows abundantly it’s important that we continue to care for our lawns.




Gardener mowing the lawn.



A little further south in California a monetary incentive was offered to remove grass and lawn from yards to reduce water usage. The problem that has arisen from this initiative is that the removal of lawn has actually increased the temperature of the ground and is having a negative effect on the environment. Large trees that relied on that lawn cover to cool it’s roots have suffered and rocks, gravel and decking that has replaced lawns assist in holding heat and also increases the temperatures and alter the eco system.

So even though we often have water restrictions during the high summer months it is important to keep some turf in our yard. If not for the environment, then just simply for a nice place to stretch out on a hot summer day and cool off under a west coast tree.




City of Chilliwack Water Conservation




There are somethings we can do to ensure our lawns are prepared for those hot summer months. Prepping our lawns before hand will help with water absorption, nutrient intake and more giving our lawn the best defense against heat waves.

We tend to over water our lawns, and even during restrictions a properly prepared lawn can continue to thrive if the reduced water is able to reach the roots and be observed along with much needed nutrients.


So the first thing we do in the spring is aerate a lawn to ensure that those roots systems are not impacted and air, water and important nutrients are able to reach the source. You can water a compacted lawn all day long, but if the water can’t reach it’s source it will still not thrive. So breaking up those roots systems and allowing for water to be absorbed is our first step.



Aerating Diagram



Another very important step is de-thatching. Thatch is the light brown layer that builds up between the soil and the green grass. It’s made up of living, dead and decaying organic matter; compressed roots, stems and runners. But when the organic matter between the green grass and the soil builds up faster than it decays, thatch becomes a problem. Making it harder for grass roots to take hold in the soil. Excessive thatch could also become a breeding ground for pests and disease.


Seeding Your Lawn


Feeding & Seeding

After making sure those roots are ready to absorb water and nutrients it’s time to feed and seed that lawn. With an abundance of products on the market we find the right product for your lawn taking in to consideration it’s placement in proximity to high summer heat, it’s current condition and any nutritional unbalance we observe. After de-thatching we may need to create a cover of topsoil and at that time a good seed cover is a great idea to promote new growth.


Spring Package


A healthy prepared lawn in the spring often requires little maintenance in the summer. With maximum absorption to the roots those water restrictions will have less of an effect and you can be sure that your lawn is absorbing what it needs to continue to thrive and is your best defense against weeds and unwanted plant growth. With a strong root system in place invasive weeds don’t have a chance.  Be the envy of your neighborhood with a healthy lawn to be proud of.

Spring Lawn packages starting at $125.

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